NIfty Finds: PhP 66.00 Brush Holders From Daiso

Friday last week, I went to SM Supermarket (San Lazaro) to do my usual weekly grocery and I spotted these cute candy jars at their Daiso section (Japan Home Center section). It only costs PhP 66.00. Back that time, I was really on the lookout for a decent makeup brush holders because my blue transparent plastic glass is really full and the second one that I’m using is a tiny ‘breakable’ glass which is not really the type of glass you’re going to want to use for vanity purposes. It’s really meant for just drinking.

PhP 66.00 Candy Jars From Daiso

I actually bought just one at that time, and then noticed that it was kinda awkward that I only had one and the others were different and what’s worse is that I am still using that tiny glass. Therefore, I went back yesterday and purchased two more, one of the same color, and one green. They actually have three different colors. They have blue, green and yellow, but their yellow’s not really that pretty for me so I thought I’d buy another blue instead.

PhP 66.00 Brush Holders From Daiso

These candy jars are really cute, and inexpensive, I don’t regret buying them one bit. The only thing is that I’m running out of space, yet again. Lol. I just removed their caps, and I don’t think it’s ‘sayang’ because they’re also excellent in covering cups or glasses, because they fit right in.

Anyway, if in case I needed to buy additional brushes (because believe it or not, there are still brushes that I still don’t have), then I just hope that they still have these cute/nifty candy jars.

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