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I was doing my usual bloghopping last week when I saw My Lucid Interval‘s post about affordable Wet & Wild makeups, I was thrilled. See, like me, she’s also a huge fan of the said brand, and she’s also in the look out for other places/stores where she can purchase WNW makeups in a much lesser price. She mentioned that she purchased these items from Ebay. Shocking as it is, I never really thought of going to Ebay to purchase my makeup, because I just don’t trust some sellers in Ebay. But, because I was really intrigued, I did a search and I came up with these items.

Wet N Wild Bronzers, E/S palettes & Gel Liner

I realized that there are a lot of cheap cosmetics being sold in Ebay and most of their sellers are also Filipinos, and they have positive ratings as well. This made me realize actually that I have other options other than Multiply and Facebook.

I ordered these items last Friday (September 07, 2012), right before the seller was about to go on a short vacation, and then right after my payment was confirmed, they shipped it right away. I got them last Tuesday (September 11, 2012).

Wet N Wild Eyeshadow palettes: Pride, Lust & Greed
Wet N Wild Coloricon 6-Piece E/S Palettes: Pride, Lust & Greed PhP 180.00 ea.

I got three of their 6’s palette. I don’t think they have this anymore, I went to their website, and these palettes are no longer available. I think they only have the trio (which I loove) and their collection which is the 8-color eyeshadow palette. Nevertheless, these eyeshadow palettes are still highly pigmented, and, pardon me for saying this, but they are very fun to play with.

Wet N Wild: Pride Wet N Wild: Lust Wet N Wild: Greed

Greed, however, though it’s hard to see just by the picture, is still very pigmented. It’s just that the color combination of this particular palette is lighter compared to the other two. These palettes combine both matte and shimmer shades, which in my opinion, gives me further selection because I don’t have that much ‘matte’ eyeshadows, so this is one of the reasons why I love these palettes.

I also bought two bronzers, because, honestly, despite having more than five(5) bronzers, I still am looking for the one that I will really love.

Wet N Wild Bronzers: Goddess & Princess
Wet N Wild Coloricon Bronzers: Princess & Goddess PhP 145.00 ea.

Their bronzers are also highly pigmented. I don’t think it will make you too orange-y (at least in my opinion). They’re not as pigmented as the ELF contouring blush and bronzing powder, but they’re pretty great.

Wet N Wild Bronzers: Goddess & Princess - Swatches

The ‘Princess’ bronzer, for me, only appears a bit darker due to it’s shimmer finish/effect. But if compared side by side to ‘Goddess’, which has a matte finish, it doesn’t have that much difference.

Lastly, I bought my first ‘Eggplant’-colored gel liner from Wet & Wild. I bought the Mega Eyes Creme Liner in Eggplant for PhP 160.00. I’ve always been a fan of their gel liners. The only issue that I have with them is that they dry up REALLY fast. Some say that it’s because of their packaging, which, I have to agree, is kinda weak.

Mega Eyes Creme Liner in Eggplant
Wet N Wild Mega Eyes Creme Liner in Eggplant PhP 160.00

Unfortunately, I was not really able to test this product out because when I got it, the liner was no longer creamy, it was already dried out. The product was still sealed, and it’s brand new. I don’t blame the seller or anything, but this only proves that there’s something really wrong with either their packaging or with their formula. Nevertheless, I am still a fan. Probably, until I find a gel liner that wont bleed out on me, because unfortunately, my Maybelline gel liner does.

All things considered, this was a good purchase, I was able to save a hefty amount, even though the gel liner didn’t really work. I think that the 6-piece eyeshadow costs PhP 400 each at the malls, and the bronzer, costs double than what I’ve paid for. I also know a couple online sellers via Facebook who offer Wet N Wild cosmetics at a low price, but this is actually way cheaper.

Out of all of these items, I am really loving the ‘Lust’ eyeshadow palette and the ‘Goddess’ bronzer.

How about you guys? Are you a fan of Wet N Wild cosmetics? You can purchase these products along with other Makeup products here.

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  • Stephanie

    If your looking for a really good cream liner you should try the E.L.F one its super creamy and lasts forever without smudging or fading! Really good for $3

  • Lei Diwa

    wow this is a steal i have the lust palette too.. I love it! I love buying online cause the price range on mall was really a big diff. I don’t usually use bronzer but I think if ever I will buy one I would love to try this.