The SaladBox

I’ve been reading a couple of local/Filipino beauty blogs out there recently, and a lot of them have been raving about the SaladBox. I didn’t really pay attention to them, until I decided to read further along their entries, and found out that it’s just like one of those US’ subscription boxes. You know, like one of those birch boxes and/or glossy boxes that Judy (ItsJudyTime) and EG (EleventhGorgeous) receives on a monthly basis.

This got me really excited. I’ve been secretly wishing for a subscription service to become available here in the Philippines, and what do you know? It’s finally here!

SaladBox is a beauty and lifestyle subscription service. Get four or more deluxe miniatures from the bet beauty and lifestyle brands worldwide. Earn SaladLeaves by doing product reviews, referring your friends, and buying full-size verisons and from the flash sales. Buy full-size products using your SaladLeaves.

Being such a makeup/beauty addict, I must admit that I sometimes buy products I end up not using. Not because they suck or anything, it’s just that it’s either they only look good when I swatched them in my hand or the reviews I’ve read/watched just didn’t apply to me (Darn!). Anyway, it’s a good thing we have these subscription boxes. I’d love to try out new products without spending a lot of cash and also without filling my entire makeup kit with ‘unwanted’ stuff. For PhP 500.00 per month you’ll get more than what you’ve paid for, and you’ll be the first to know about the newest products the SaladBox team has chosen for you.

Currently, this is the first and only subscription service we have in our country, and this was launched last September 08, 2012. A couple of confirmation emails have already been sent a while ago, and even though I wasn’t able to sign up immediately during their first day, I was still lucky enough to receive an email from them. Now all I have to do is wait no more than five(5) days in order for me to completely subscribe to their services.

If you’re tired of paying for full-sized products, without really enjoying all of it, then I suggest you try this instead. You can opt out of this subscription anytime, but I don’t think it’s necessary though. Anyway, I’ll be updating more about this subscription once I’m already registered, but as for now, Imma have to wait.

I’m definitely so excited!

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