Phil-Cosmetics Expo Experience & Haul; Say’s Meet & Greet

Okay, so I know that this post is way late, and for that I apologize. Upon arriving from the expo last Saturday, I was very tired and I got so excited, I tried/swatched everything in my hand/face, so I lost track of time, till I forgot that I have work at 1:00AM the following day, lol. So now, you know that I still don’t have enough rest, lol. Anyway, on to the haul/experience!

Y’all guys know that I’ve been looking forward to go to the Phil-Cosmetics Expo right? So last September 01, 2012 (second day of the said 3-day expo), I went there early, trying to avoid a major traffic, and also so I can (as much as possible) get a photo-op with my makeup guru idol, Say Tioco Artillero. Seriously, aside from Judy (ItsJudyTime/ItsJudysLife), Allison a.k.a. Amarixe, Julia MissChievous and Michelle Phan, she’s one of those beauty gurus I definitely wanna meet. Why her? Uhm.. I don’t really know, I mean, I just like her. I know that you need a specific reason, but one of the reasons I can somehow give you is that, she’s very accommodating to her subs, and she responds to each and every comment, which you don’t often see in a YouTube guru. Also, she makes everything so easy, and she promotes great local brands, which whether we admit it or not, we tend to ignore, because we prefer the imported ones.

Phil-Cosmetics Expo: MakeUpHub, MakeUpHolics, Digital Traincase & Benefit Cosmetics Booth
Phil-Cosmetics Expo: 5th Pilipinas ang Ganda Mo! | 2012
Booths (L-R): Benefit Cosmetics, Make Up Hub By Naturele Collezione, MakeUpHolics & Digital Traincase

Oh, and you know what, I was definitely on time! She was there giving makeovers at the Make Up Hub booth! In fact, I was a little surprised when I saw her. I mean, I was expecting her, but damn! she’s tall! She’s already tall without the heels and all, but with the heels! No wonder she’s being encouraged to join beauty contests, lol. Anyway, I’m not really the type of person to approach someone and take pictures with them no matter how famous they are. It’s just not my thing. My relatives know that, in fact. But with Say, I actually approached her, and did exactly that, because I idolized her that much, lol. Anyway, here’s our photo..

Me with Say

She also took a pic of me in her new Nikon D5100, and she already uploaded it in her FB Fanpage. (Thanks Say!) Here’s our photo:

Say's photo of us in her Phil-Cosmetics Expo Meet & Greet Day 2 Album

Anyway, before I get ahead of my story, I know I tend to babble, I’ll now be introducing you to my latest makeup purchases, all from the said Expo.

By the way, I’ll be introducing each of these items in the order of where I purchased them. Did I make any sense? Imma introduce each makeup, and tell you which booth I got it from? K? Btw, each booth was like makeup heaven! Especially Make Up Hub, Makeupholics & Digital Traincase!

Anyway, on to the haul (again!)

This is gonna be a really long entry…
You’ve been warned!

Make Up Hub | Flawless Face Collection
Flawless Face Collection: Porcelain Pure PhP 2,300.00
Purchased From: Make Up Hub By Naturele Collezione
ORDER HERE: Facebook | Multiply

AYES:      ❤      Great deal! 5 items in the price of one!
     ❤      Each items are tried and tested by every YT gurus;
     ❤      Each item is lightly scented w/o the pungent smell of a perfumed cosmetic;
     ❤      I have been waiting for this product for a long time!
NAYS:      ✿       I love the product, I still haven’t found any flaws regarding the product yet, but I’ll let you know. Lol.
THOUGHTS: I really thought that Beige Blush was my shade, because of the photos, and I thought that Porcelain pure was too light for me. But the owner (Sarah) helped me discover the appropriate shade for me (she’s really kind, and very accommodating, pretty too, lol). Anyway, I love each of the items that are included in here. I was supposed to order the face powder at their website, but it’s out of stock, so now I’m on the lookout, lol. I’ll have a review about this collection soon, and tell you more about this fab collection, and why I love it.
Oh and I got my own VIP card! Yey!
REPURCHASE? Yes. Definitely

MakeUpHolics Loot
MakeupHOLICS Purchases
ORDER HERE: Facebook | Multiply

Barry M Trio Eyeshadow TES 7
Barry M Trio Eyeshadow TES 7 PhP 350.00

AYES:      ❤      Very pigmented;
     ❤      Nice color pay-off;
     ❤      Light & compact. Easy to bring anywhere/everywhere;
     ❤      Wearable for day and/or night makeup
NAYS:      ✿      Fallouts;
     ✿      Not available here. You have to order online. Lol
THOUGHTS: I love this product! I’ve been loving pink eyeshadows lately and to see it in a neutral combination was a huge deal for me! That’s why when I saw it, I immediately grabbed it without letting go, because it’s the only they had (not that I asked, but they have other shades from this Barry M line, but they only have one TES7). Anyway, as previously mentioned, this item is really pigmented, and can be worn for your day and/or night make up. I just love it.
REPURCHASE? Other shades, perhaps. But I definitely recommend this palette and shade for your everyday look!

Beauty UK Eye shadow Collection #6
Beauty UK Eye shadow Collection #6 PhP 280.00

AYES:      ❤      Nice color pay-off;
     ❤      Light & compact. Easy to bring anywhere/everywhere;
     ❤      Love the colors!
     ❤      Combination of day & night colors into one palette
NAYS:      ✿       Some of the lighter shades are not that pigmented but they’re still buildable;
     ✿      Not available here. You have to order online. Lol
THOUGHTS: I love experimenting when it comes to eye shadows, and I love the colors in this palette. For now, since I don’t have a huge palette (except for my Elf 100-color palette), I’m going to use this. This is actually a very good palette, some are very pigmented, and I love the combination of day and night shades into one compact eye shadow palette.
REPURCHASE? Not this palette. But other shades, definitely

Milani Sunset Duos
Milani Sunset Duos – Sunset Breeze (Blush & Bronzer) PhP 250.00

AYES:      ❤      Very buildable;
     ❤      Affordable, and I love the color of the bronzer;
     ❤      The bronzer has a matte finish w/ a hint of shimmer just about perfect to give you a healthy glow;
     ❤      Perfect combination of both colors;
NAYS:      ✿       Staying power is not that great, so you’re gonna have to retouch after a couple of hours;
     ✿      I’ve read somewhere that this has already been discontinued so, darn!
THOUGHTS: I love the shade of the bronzer, and but I noticed that the item is not as pigmented as my Elf contouring powder. The Milani Sunset Duo, however, is very buildable, so if you wanna go dramatic, or fully contour your face (which I’m fond of doing), then that’s what this product is good at. The only thing is that I think my Elf contouring powder stays a lot longer in my face than this one, even if I have a primer. (merp). Furthermore, I think this product is about to be or already discontinued. Too bad.
REPURCHASE? Maybe. I don’t know. I might try other Milani products.

Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush
Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush PhP 1,000.00

AYES:      ❤      Soft (really soft!)
     ❤      Very Dense;
     ❤      Easy to use;
     ❤      Perfect for liquid foundations/BB Creams
NAYS:      ✿       Expensive (very expensive!)
THOUGHTS: I’ve been longing to purchase a Sigma Brush set, but because I really don’t wanna spend that amount of money for just makeup brushes. I thought it’d be better for me to just buy drugstore brushes, because I always thought that they’re just the same. But dang! The moment I bought this brush, I was soo wrong! This brush applied my BB Cream/liquid foundation like no other makeup brushes did. And I’m definitely looking forward to buy more Sigma brushes, even if I had to buy them individually, lol
REPURCHASE? Yes. Other types, lol

Beauty Blender
Beauty Blender PhP 300.00
Honestly, I still haven’t used it as an applicator yet, I use it to mainly blend my concealer and my foundation, and also to erase the brush strokes in my face, so that my makeup can appear flawless. So until I use it according to it’s basic function, then I’ll be able to give a proper review about this item. Just to be fair.

Milani Nail Lacquer in Golden Lilac
Milani Nail Lacquer in Golden Lilac PhP 100.00

Other Makeup Purchases from Random Booths

Nyx Jumbo Pencils in Milk
Nyx Jumbo Pencils in Milk PhP 200.00
Purchased From: Digital Traincase
ORDER HERE: Facebook | Multiply

AYES:      ❤      Very pigmented/opaque
     ❤      Creamy
     ❤      Can be used as your eye shadow base;
NAYS:      ✿       I’m gonna have a hard time finding a sharpener for this one, lol;
     ✿       Has to be ordered online;
THOUGHTS: If you’ve read my recent makeup haul, you’ll notice that I am really in the search for a good white eyeliner pencil, but I just can’t find one. Though most white eyeliners seem as though they are quite pigmented/opaque when swatched/tested, they just don’t show up in my waterline or in my eyelids. With this product, however, is really different. Nyx milk liner is very pigmented and it does show up in my waterline as well as in my eyelids, and I love it.
REPURCHASE? Other shades, yes.

Nyx  Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Dolly Pink
Nyx Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Dolly Pink PhP 150.00
I forgot the name of the booth where I bought these lippie, sorry

AYES:      ❤      I love the color
     ❤      Lasts for a couple of hours;
     ❤      Not that sticky;
     ❤      Doesn’t have pungent smell & tastes like cherry (not that I tasted it, lol);
     ❤      Provides a good coverage, from sheer to medium;
     ❤      Nyx mega shine lip gloss has a lot of shades to choose from;
     ❤      Very affordable;
NAYS:      ✿       If you’re not into scented lip gloss, then this is not for you;
     ✿       Has to be ordered online;
THOUGHTS: I bought this so I can layer it on top of my Model’s Own Matte Hyperbrite Annalise’s Pink Lipstick, and it works perfectly, I loved it (third/right picture). I’m not really fond of scented lip glosses, but in this particular lip gloss, I kinda didn’t mind it, because it’s not that strong, and I didn’t mind the taste either (Again, not that I tasted it, lol). The scent as well as the flavor, is not that strong or overpowering, for me to dislike it. The product works well enough for me to wear it either on top of my lipsticks or just a stand alone lip gloss.
REPURCHASE? Yes! But I’ll definitely order a different shade, of course

Nyx Round Lipsticks in Chaos
Nyx Round Lipsticks in Chaos PhP 120.00
I forgot the name of the booth where I bought these lippie, sorry

AYES:      ❤      I love the color
     ❤      Lasts for a couple of hours;
     ❤      Very creamy & opaque/pigmented;
     ❤      Moisturizing;
     ❤      Easy to apply;
     ❤      Very affordable;
NAYS:      ✿       If you’re not into deep red lipsticks, then this color is not for you. Other shade perhaps?
     ✿       Has to be ordered online;
THOUGHTS: I’ve always been on the lookout for a red or a plum lipstick. I’ve been loving the shade Ruby Woo from Mac, and I also like how plum lipsticks appear to fair-skinned ladies, so I wanna try ’em. So when I saw this shade, I immediately bought it, and I liked how it looked like on my lips. Now my only problem is, I don’t think I’m that confident to rock this lip shade. Lol.
REPURCHASE? Yes! But I’ll definitely order a different shade, of course

And what’s a haul without nail lacquers, right?!
Bobbie & Chic Nail Polishes
Bobbie & Chic Nail Polishes
Purchased at the: The Chic/Bobbie Booth at the Phil-Cosmetic Expo
(From Left – Right)
Chic Glaze in Juicy Fruity (PhP 22.00), Bobbie Wonder Nails in Pink Magic (PhP 48.00), Bobbie Solar Burst, Bobbie Magnet-ficent Polish in V1-201 (PhP 64.00), Bobbie Stick-On Nail Polish in Heart To Heart (PhP 68.00).

I still haven’t tried any of these items, but I suppose you know how these local brands work. In fact, I kinda believe that they have a longer staying power than the imported ones (perhaps due to our climate, IDK). But I am really looking forward to test the Stick-On nail polish, and if I’m successful in applying that one, I’ll do a review, and I’ll let you know how it worked out for me, ayt?

Benefit Powderazzi PhP 600.00
Purchased at the: Benefit Cosmetics Store

Benefit PowderazziWhen I saw this product I was so happy because it was a lot cheaper, compared to the Benefit boxed powders that you’ll find at Rustan’s. Due to my impulsiveness, I bought this with just doing a few swatches in my hand. I didn’t even bother asking myself as to why it’s not that pigmented, or why some of the blushes are falling off. I just bought it, without question. After a few rounds at the said expo, I went back, I wanted to buy the ‘Bad Lash Mascarra’ then one of the buyers was saying that their benetint is way thicker than hers, which is actually an original, and the ‘Material girl’ box is way thick. Then that’s the time I had serious doubts about my product. I literally walked away from their booth, and then when I arrived back home, I immediately swatched my powderazzi again, and I even tried to build it up, but it wont show up even at the lightest part of my body (being that some of us have uneven skin tones). Then I researched online, and there it is. There are in fact, a lot of benefit dupes loitering around the internet. Thing is that, I am not sure if mine is a dupe. One is because, mine has a sort of a serial number at the back of the product, second is that, it has a peel-off sticker (but it doesn’t indicate the ingredients though) and three, it is not scented. According to some articles I’ve read, Benefit boxed blushes are well known for their scented blushes, and mine has no scent at all. All I can smell is the box. Furthermore, even if it is really identical to the original, it is still not pigmented. I know that the fakes are really chalky, well this isn’t. It barely shows up in my skin. Temptalia provides the swatches of the original powderazzi blush here and as you can see, it’s pretty obvious that mine is like, duh. So if mine is really a benefit original, wow… that’s some serious cost cutting right there, lol.

Those are the items that I purchased in the previous Philippine Cosmetics Expo last September 01, 2012. I know it’s a lot, but for me, it’s really worth every peso.
I am a certified makeup addict and I enjoy using all of these items.
If you were able to read up to this point, I love you and I thank you!
Thanks for reading this uber long entry. I really appreciate it!
Watch out for upcoming reviews regarding these featured items,
and also watch out for more hauls!
Oh, and I’ll try to keep it shorter next time.
It’s just that I tried to include a short review about the items I bought in this haul, lol.
Love you guys!:*<3

DISCLAIMER : Please be informed that I am no expert when it comes to giving makeup advice. What’s written in this entry, is how I use it, and how I find the item in terms of formula, consistency, etc.

Also, please be advised that all of the products shown/disclosed in this entry are bought with my own money. This is not a sponsored entry, nor am I affiliated with any of the companies that manufactured the items mentioned above.

Thank you.


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