Makeup Haul & NOTD – August 26 ’12

This post is really delayed. Sorry. Busy with work, but anyway, here it is..

Makeup Haul - August 26

I’m not this shopaholic, ok? Lol. Well, I kinda am. But just so you know, I didn’t buy all of that (from my money, lol). Most of these items was given to me by my mom. I accompanied her yesterday at SM San Lazaro and she asked me what I wanna buy so I asked (take note, ASKED) my mom if she can pay for it. But I’m getting ahead of my story, let’s start from what I purchased earlier that day, ok? Lol.

I went to SM San Lazaro (alone) yesterday to pay our landline bills. While I was there, I decided to purchase a glass nail file because earlier that day, while I was doing my own mani-pedi, I think I either sat on it, or probably knelt on it. I prefer using these types of nail files, since I have a soft, brittle nails and I am really trying hard to maintain the length of my nails right now. I also bought myself the ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine with SPF 15 in Pink Kiss, since despite my collection of lipsticks, I don’t have any decent lip gloss. Lol.

Glass Nail File
“Bedazzled” Glass Nail File PhP 129.00
I just called it “Bedazzled” but it really doesn’t have a name. It has the same price as the Marionnaud’s glass nail file, I just chose this one because I like the bling, lol.

ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine - Pink Kiss

“ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine – Pink Kiss PhP 129.75
I’ve been hearing/reading a lot of positive reviews about this product, yet I still can’t purchase at least one shade just to see if it will work on me, lol.

The lip gloss contains SPF 15 and also comes in a transparent on-the-go and mess-proof tube container, which is pretty much ordinary when it comes to lip glosses.

– It has a really sticky formula which I think also helps w/ regards to the longevity of the product.
– It has a mild fruity/minty scent. I dont mind this as long as it’s not that overpowering.
– I noticed that despite the sticky texture, it quickly settled down, although I can still tell that the product is still in my lips.
– Lasted up to 2-3 hours in my lips (without drinking &/or eating)
– Opaque, and can be used on its own or can be layered on top of a matte or whatever lipstick you prefer;
– For PhP 129.75: packaging wise, I can’t complain. Although I’m really a sucker for items w/ excellent packaging/presentation, lol.
– The product really does the job, and I plan on using it everytime I wear a matte lipstick.
– Tubies are not really my thing, but since I love the product, I’ll learn to love the packaging
– I prefer to layer it on top of my matte lipsticks, since it prolongs their staying ‘power’ in my lips if I use a lip gloss after the matte shade and the lip balm;
– I might also use this on top of my lip balms. I don’t like the tingling ‘feel’ this product gives me, so I’d rather use a lip balm or matte lip stick first before the lip gloss.
– I don’t think so. I’m going to experiment first on the other brands’ lip glosses.

Shawill Eye Pencil

Shawill Eye Pencil (White) PhP 69.00
I’ve been looking for a really good, pigmented white eyeliner and it seems that I can’t find any! I’ll never stop though!
– Affordable
– Really cute packaging.
– The eye pencil is enclosed in a blue metal case, and also comes with an eyebrow brush at the other end.
– Not that opaque but buildable within a few layers.
– Not that creamy as well, but it is visible with just one stroke.
– This is much more opaque compared to the Nichido white eyeliner which is actually creamier
– I love the packaging. I think I already mentioned that, lol.
– It is actually visible when applied/swatched to other areas, but when applied to my waterline, it’s not that noticeable, which is what I’m actually looking for in a white eyeliner. But as I’ve said, this is more noticeable than Nichido
– For PhP 69.00, I think it’s ok. I’ll make it work, lol
– Noticed that at the receipt, the product is identified as “Shawill Eyebrow Pencil”. Lol, just a thought.
– The reason as to why I purchase white eyeliners was to brighten my waterline so my eyes can appear a bit more alive, especially if I just woke up, or if I’m really tired, unfortunately, I still haven’t found a good white eyeliner yet. – Due to the packaging, I’m thinking to buy a brown one, to see if it’s opaque, I’ll check if it’ll do as an eyebrow pencil. Lol.
– IDK. Maybe not.

So after paying our bills and making a quick stop at the dept store, I decided to head on home. After a couple of minutes, my mom all of a sudden asked me to accompany her to SM San Lazaro to buy some medicines & also exchange some of the meds she bought the other day.

After buying my mom’s meds, she asked me to accompany her to Watson’s because she would like to buy Glutamax. She kept asking for what I want, and I thought that it’d be cool if she can buy me the Revlon Kissable Lipstains, and she agreed, so here’s another part of the haul..

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain - Sweetheart

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain – Sweetheart PhP 575.00
I’ve always wanted to buy one of these cute ‘crayola lippies’ but I thought that I gotta try at least one of them first, before splurging, and now, I LOVE IT!

You can buy these online at Bon Marche. Their Revlon lippies are uber cheap. It’s where I got my lip butters!

– It has a really cute packaging! - The shade I chose was very opaque, but I think this comment applies to all shades as well, because I've been hearing nothing but positive reviews about these lippies. - Contrary to popular belief regarding lip stains, this particular product does not dry your lip, even if you don't apply lip balms each and every time. - Very moisturizing upon application. - Can last up to 3-6 hours - When the lip stain started to fade, in my case, it begins in my upper lip, then at the sides. I didn't retouch because I really want to test its longevity. I applied it on 5:00PM and I still have the faded yet really pretty shade of the lip stain until 12:00 AM. – For PhP 575.00, that’s kinda expensive. This is why I prefer to shop online when it comes to Revlon products, because Revlon is not supposed to be this expensive. BUT! (There’s a BUT!) I still believe that even though it is this expensive at dept stores, I really think that Revlon lippies are worth every penny

– I wear it as is. Nothing really special about how I wear it. – YES! Definitely! Probably purchase more of the lighter shade, neutral/nude tones, if you know what I mean. But I’ll be buying them online rather than at the dept store. I’ll be able to buy 3 lip stains with just PhP 1200!

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner - Black

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner – Black (PhP 449.00)
I’ve always wanted to try a different gel liner other than my WNW and since I’ve been hearing a lot of positive reviews about this product lately, I thought I’d give this one a try
– Comes in a cute glass pot that can be tightly w/o the extra effort
– Creamy and very glides on easily
– Very pigmented and doesn’t smudge; lasts long.
– I love the brush! I actually prefer using this rather than my small angled E/S brush. I didn’t make any oopsies in this brush, unlike in my angled E/S brushes.
– It only has 10 oz compared to Wet N’ Wild Gel Liner w/c has 13 oz of product inside
– For PhP 449.00, the item is actually a bit pricey, but from the quality, I think it’s already an investment.
– I really like the brush that is included and I prefer using it.
*** I’ll compare this to my Wet N Wild Gel Liner & I’ll post a review about it soon! I promise!
I wear it as it is, nothing special. I follow the tutorial of Frmheadtotoe w/ regards to applying gel liners. – Maybe

Nichido Lip Liner - Rosette

Nichido Lip Liner – Rosette (PhP 100.00)
I already have the ‘Blaze’ shade, which I use for my red matte lipsticks, so I bought this for my nude ones.
– Very pigmented and has a really neutral yet appealing color
– Affordable
– Can be applied w/o the extra effort; glides on smoothly
– Can last up to 3 or more hours
– Can be used to cover your entire lips
– Wont dry your lips
– I’m not really a fan of lip liners but I noticed that it can make your lips look fuller, and I really loved its effect.
– I love the color and I love the matte-black finish of the product
I haven’t tried to wear it as an entire lip stick, but I usually wear it with my nude/neutral lipsticks especially with my matte ones (Ever Bilena matte lip sticks) – A different shade, perhaps

So this concludes my latest haul and review, I hope you like it guys, and if you have any comments and/or suggestions please let me know, and I’ll do my best to implement it on my next update!

Oh! but before I go!

I forgot something! I don’t usually do this, but I just love my nail polish last August 26, 2012 so I thought I’d blog about it. Hence the N.O.T.D!

So this is my N.O.T.D.: I referred to it as Metallic Drip Nails

NOTD | August 26, 2012
But just so you know guys, that nail polish is beginning to chip off,
and I’m about to replace it with a new one later, lol

DISCLAIMER : Please be informed that I am no expert when it comes to giving makeup advice. What’s written in this entry, is how I use it, and how I find the item in terms of formula, consistency, etc.

Also, please be advised that all of the products shown/disclosed in this entry are bought with my own money. This is not a sponsored entry, nor am I affiliated with any of the companies that manufactured the items above.

Thank you.


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