Yettezkie’s Addictions #3: Hauls (No. 1)

I know that this is kinda different, and I know that ‘Hauls’ are usually done via YouTube videos, but I’ve been seeing a lot of bloggers updating about their recent hauls/purchases as well, so I’d love to give it a try. Besides, I remember myself doing this at my past online journals, only we don’t call it ‘Hauls’, we just call it, “shopping”. Plain and simple. Lol.

I decided to add this to my Addictions series, because, well.. I love to shop, and quite recently, I’ve been loving some makeup products. Therefore, apart from the usual ‘Addictions’ series that you’ll get to read from this blog, you’ll also be expecting more Haul videos.

Anyway, on to the main entry…

August 24, 2012

The items at the photo above are mostly what I bought in SM Department Store & Supermarket last August 24, 2012. Aside from fruits and a couple of munchies, that was basically it. I know, it’s still quite a bit, but if you compare it to my previous buys, that’s an improvement. Lol. As previously mentioned, I’ve been into cosmetics recently, and aside from that, my addiction to nail polishes is still never ending. I still love nail lacquers, and what’s worse, I buy foreign brands now. (I know! I know! I’m about to kill myself with regret here!) But don’t worry, I’ll fill you in with the details some time. I’m going to do an updated version of my Nail Polish Collection. Lol.

So, here are the essentials…

Essentials: Cotton Swabs & Deodorant
Ok, obviously, everyone needs these right? Why this many, you ask?
Well, the cotton buds in the left (Babyflo Gentle Buds) is the one that will be used in a day-to-day basis.
While, the one in the middle, (Watsons Slim Baby Cotton Buds) that will be used for removing nail polish and makeup mistakes.
As for the deodorant, that’s the only deodorant that I prefer using, rather than the other well-known brands.
That brand was referred to me by my niece, Barbie.

Essentials: Hair Clips
The one in the left (Nouveau Plastic Clips), I think can be used like bobbie pins when it comes to doing buns.
I just wanted to try it and see it for myself if it works in my long yet really fine hair. So far, it did.
The hair ties, of course, well, my mama and I need that. No explanation necessary on that one, lol.

As for the not-so-essential stuff, here they are…

Nail Lacquers
L-R: Nail Polish Remover, Jocarste (Shade #33), Bobbie Premium Nail Cremes (Weng Weng, Flower Girl, Salmon)
& Sassy Colors Nail Polish (Nail Art Pen Color: Silver)

I haven’t tried any of them yet, but considering the brands, I bet that they’re worth my money. Especially the ‘Jocarste’ nail polishes. They’re really very opaque, and they have a great consistency. Though they don’t have a lot of colors to choose from, their colors are still seldom seen in other well-known brands.

Nichido: Kiss Of Pink
Nichido Stardust Eyeshadow: Kiss Of Pink (PhP 168.00)
I once saw this while I was shopping some makeup and I got really intrigued. First of the packaging, and next because the color combination of each palette is really cute. As you guys may know, I’m a real sucker for packaging and the color PINK.

Now with regard to the eyeshadow palette, the first pink, and the lightest color at the palette are actually quite pigmented. The swatches that I did (first picture, at the left side) using those colors are created using only one rub/stroke of finger. However, the plum-colored eyeshadow is not as pigmented as the other two. It’s buildable though, so you just have to do several brush strokes in order to achieve your desired result.

I used the pink eyeshadow as the main color, at the eyelids, and the plum-colored one as the contour for my crease. For my highlight, I used the lightest color at the trio.

If you ask me, for an eyeshadow palette/trio that is worth PhP 168.00, it’s actually a good buy. I know that here are a lot of cheaper brands, hell, I even saw a YouTube haul that features an eyeshadow palette worth PhP 25.00 that can be bought at Saizen. But my point is that, these eyeshadows work, and I’ve known Nichido since I was in high school and it never once failed me so far. I’m talking about eyeshadows, btw. I’ve been a fan of their neutral palettes, and I’m looking for it now, and I can’t find it, lol. This palette, is not chalky, powdery, and it stays long, especially if you wear a primer.

Yup, Imma try to complete the entire collection. Kidding! (kinda :P)

Nichido Cheek Mousse: Pink Champagne
Nichido Cheek Mousse: Pink Champagne (PhP 168.00)
I remembered this particular item from a makeup guru at YouTube, she’s also a Filipina vlogger, and she did this ‘Everyday No Makeup Makeup Look’. It was in her video actually, that I saw the Nichido Stardust Eyeshadow, and I also saw this from her, the Cheek Mousse, but she had this in ‘Plum Brulee. I also saw this from Say’s blog/hauls, so I got interested. Besides, I don’t have any cream or mousse blush-ons yet. So I thought I’d give this one a try.

This is actually the very first cream/mousse product that I’ve tried on my face. I have eyeshadow mousse from Ever Bilena, and I love those. I use them as eyeshadow bases, but obviously, this one is different. This is actually a tad bit softer than the eyeshadow mousses that I own, and its actually quite easy to blend using your fingers. I haven’t really tried using a brush to apply nor blend it, but maybe some time. But for now, I am satisfied with the way it shows up in my skin using just my fingers as an applicator.

With regard to the texture/consistency of the product, it’s not that sticky, or greasy as well. I have normal to dry skin, and sometimes my face begins to itch in some products, and that didn’t happen in this cheek mousse so far. I’ve noticed, however, that you need to apply a couple of strokes in order for the color to fully show on your cheek.

If I applied a bronzer, or after finishing my contour, I apply this using my finger, dotting the product from the apples of my face, near the contoured (bronzed) area, outwards and I lightly blend them altogether. Then, I set all of them with translucent powder, or if I don’t feel like it, I just apply the cheek mousse and I’m all set.

The product also costs PhP 168.00 same as the eyeshadow trio, and if you ask me, that’s kinda expensive, considering that ELF carries their blush powders and cover stick starting from PhP 129.00 and up, and ELF’s blush powders are known to be very pigmented. I don’t know about their cover sticks though, I haven’t tried any of them yet. I’ll let you know soon. But, with regard to the quality, it’s also good, and the product stays long in your face, with or without a primer. I use merely a BB cream topped with a setting powder, and then that’s it. For me though, the item is a tad bit costly, but still worth it, if you’re really looking for a good cream/mousse blush.

Not the same shade. Maybe the ‘Plum Brulee’.
But not now. First, Imma enjoy this all-pink makeup that I have going on in my face right now, lol

Fanny Serrano Concealer: Sand
Fanny Serrano Concealer (Shade: Sand) (PhP 350.00)
I’ve been searching for a good concealer ever since I’ve been having some blemishes in my forehead and so far, none of the stuff that I’m buying really worked. This one, is different. I kinda like this one.

The concealer is not that greasy, sticky or heavy when applied to the face. The concealer has this powdery, yet light consistency, and it is actually very easy to blend out. According to the sales lady that I’ve spoken with, the concealer is waterproof and it indeed has a powdery feel/consistency. It has a good coverage; it hides the blemishes, and the redness in my face, as well as some of the veins that are showing up near my lips & jawline. The concealer does not feel heavy on my skin, and I don’t feel as if my face is really waxy or whatever. I also don’t get that feeling like my entire makeup is melting whenever I sweat, because of the heavy concealer that I placed in my forehead and near my nose.

According to their website, the said concealer also has Vitamin E, UV-protection and oil-control, and it won the Cosmo Beauty Awards last 2008, so I think I bought the right concealer this time.

As previously mentioned, the product is not that hard to blend and it’s best applied using your fingers. Of course, make sure that your hands are clean when you apply this in your imperfections and then blend it out lightly using your fingers as well. I only use this for my blemishes, redness, imperfections. I use a different product for my dark circles under my eye.

With the price of PhP 350.00, I believe that this product is worth the price, because I really am enjoying it. Unless I find a certain product that is cheaper, with the same or better quality, then I dont think I’ll be changing concealers anytime soon.


Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick: Storm
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick: Storm PhP 155.00
This, I bought cause I’ve been collecting each and every shade of the Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick line ever since June. I’m not really familiar of matte lipsticks (Yes, I know, considering that I love them!) until I found out about it through YouTube, and Say‘s YT account. Then I checked out some of the EB lipsticks at the supermarket and she was actually right, they were gorgeous. I’ve always been a lipstick junkie, and I pride myself for being a collector. But wtf happened? Why didn’t I see these gorgeous shades before? Maybe because I was so focused with foreign brands, I forgot to take a peek at the local ones. Tsk tsk…

It comes in a sleek matte black packaging, with a tip that reflects what the lip color is (that detaches all the time, which is the only downside of the said product). The ‘Storm’ shade is not actually as red as the one shown in the photo above. I don’t know why it’s that red, but that’s not supposed to be that red. It’s like a brownish-red shade that is actually a perfect match for neutral eyeshadows, or those with gothic/vampy looks.

The lip color is very pigmented, and you need not to apply multiple coats because the color shows with just one layer. The application requires a bit more effort though, since it’s a matte lipstick. Also, unlike some lipstick, this particular line doesn’t have any weird pungent smell. I am not sure with regards to the longevity of the said lipstick because some said that it only lasts them for more than two hours or so because matte lipsticks tend to get flakey, so they’ll need to retouch again. But this is more of a general description/opinion regarding matte lipsticks. But for me, this lasts me for an hour or two as long as I don’t drink or something. But since I’m a hell of a (water) drinker, these rules don’t apply to me that much.

I first apply a lip balm. I use my Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm then I apply the shade I prefer. Afterwards, I apply a lip gloss either at the bottom of my lips and then blot/smack my lips together so that they’ll both share the gloss. Or, I put the lip gloss at the middle of my lips so that my lips can appear fuller, without loosing the matte finish of the lipstick. I do this with all of my matte lipsticks, regardless of the brand.

PhP 155.00 for a matte lipstick, is actually a good buy. Not all makeup lines, even up to this day carry a decent line of matte lipstick, and it’s a good thing that Ever Bilena came up with this line. Aside from the fact that it’s super affordable, I’ve heard a lot of Filipino YT gurus as well as beauty bloggers that consider this as their Mac/High-end lipstick alternatives, because of it’s price and quality.

Definitely. A different shade of course. I already have 8 different shades, lol

L – R Storm, Siennas, Mirrored Mocha, Skin, Mauvey, Off Beat Pink, Pink Flame, Scarlet

And finally, something cute and useful…

Pink Metallic Mirror from Daiso
Pink Metallic Portable Mirror (PhP 66.00)
I bought this one from Daiso/Japan Home Center, which happens to be inside the SM Supermarket at SM San Lazaro. I bought this because my Paganini portable/compact mirror broke and I can no longer close it or use its cover to make it stand, like the one shown above. So rather than buying a new plastic mirror, when I saw this, I thought that this would be a great alternative to the one I broke. Besides, I’m in love with metallic items. IDK why. Lol

Okay, so this ends my August 24, 2012 haul. Sorry if my haul entry went a bit longer than expected. I was supposed to just post photos and that’s it. But I ended up babbling. I guess I’ll just post the reviews as a follow up next time, lol. But for now, this will be it! See you at the next “Addictions” and/or “Haul” entry! Which ever comes first!

DISCLAIMER : Please be informed that I am no expert when it comes to giving makeup advice. What’s written in this entry, is how I use it, and how I find the item in terms of formula, consistency, etc.

Also, please be advised that all of the products shown/disclosed in this entry are bought with my own money. This is not a sponsored entry, nor am I affiliated with any of the companies who own and manufacture the products that I’ve mentioned.

Thank you.


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  • Waaaah! Ang pretty mo po dyan Tita Yette parang Barbieeee! :”>
    I really like how you do your eye make-up. That’s my frustration. I try to experiment with eyeshadows and stuff, but I just always end up making a mess (and with panda eyes). Post ka na po ng tutorialssss!

    • Aww, ganun din ako dati e. U just have to be really interested w/ makeup & learning as well. Kc ako na-addict ako bigla sa makeup e, di tulad dati sa nail polish lang ngaun pareho na. Lol.

      Tutorials? Nye! Di naman ako ganun karunong, sa tutorials din ako sa YouTube nakadepend. Hehe

  • Guest

    I really want to learn the basics when it comes to applying eyeshadows. I admire for being so pro with it… I will watch some of your tutorials…

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    I really want to learn the basics when it comes to applying eyeshadows. I admire for being so pro with it… I will really stay tuned on how you do it I’m a fan already

    • Naghalungkat talaga, lol. Naaliw (at na-touch) naman ako dun

      I don’t have tutorials yet, but I’ll try to do some.

      • Rosalie B.Tangonan

        yes! ahahhaa… I was really curious about how a blogger like you improved within a year. grabe… nakakatuwang magbasa ng mga na-miss kong post dati… sana ako rin after a year may ma-look back sa blog ko

        • Aww, thanks

          • Rosalie B.Tangonan

            no biggie