Yettezkie’s Zalora & Lazada Experience

I’m really fond of online shopping. Back when I got my first credit card (when I was in college, lol), my first instinct was to go online and do a little bit of shopping. Splurge. Of course, there was some hesitation, because, first of all, the credit card was not entirely my own. Mine was just an extension of my mother’s. Second/last is that I really don’t want to make a habit of buying really expensive stuff with my credit card.But still, one insane midnight back when I was in college, while I was surfing the net, of all the things I thought of buying, I bought an Eddie Bauer reversible tote bag. The bag, which I thought that time, found the bag (a) tiny, small enough to handle my college notebooks (b) trendy – since denim, cloth, tote bags were totally in those days (c) and really cute – because of what it looked like AT THE PICTURE. The bag itself cost like PhP 2,000+ (converted from US$), and despite knowing that it was expensive, I still though to myself that it was a really cute bag & so definitely worth it.

A few weeks later, the item arrived, packed ina not-so-big yet not-so-small either box, but upon unfolding the entire bag, the bag was humongous. It was a denim beach tote bag, which was totally wrong for me since I dont go to beaches that time. But since I dont go into detail what I’m about to receive or at least the size of an item, I guess that’s what I get from being such a killjoy.

So aside from my usual, Multiply and Facebook purchases, that was my last online transaction where everything was done w/ a few simple clicks and without going anywhere. Because usually, when you make purchases to other websites such as, Multiply Marketplace and online shops at Facebook, you either deposit at their bank account or you send money to their GCash wallets. Either way, you have to step out and do the rest of the transaction out of your house.

But now due to Zalora & Lazada Philippines, everything’s changed… These two online retail shops are based locally, so no need to go to other international website just to order clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. They offer free shipping nationwide, no matter how much is your purchase, free returns and of course my favorite: cash on delivery. I’m sure that they have several differences and, or similarities, but before we get in to that, let me get into my experiences first with the two online stores.

Zalora logo

I found out about Zalora through their ads, floating at some YouTube videos that I often watch, I got kinda intrigued so I decided to check it out. Of course I didn’t purchase anything right away. I loved the presentation though, but I’m not a fan of what it has at that moment. Then I read at some blog that the packaging of the ordered items, when delivered are actually good. Not just your usual mailing envelope, but it comes with a box with their name Zalora all over it, and you know guys that I am a sucker for good packaging.

Anyway, I’m not really sure how much I went in and out of their website till I finally caved and bought something. I bought some sandalls which I believe they no longer carry. I wont dive in to details with regard to the sandalls itself, but to make the long story short, it got wet so eventually it gave up. The quality’s not good. Note to self, don’t buy shoes/sandalls online.

Zalora packaging Anyway, as per the packaging, and the online transaction, it was okay. I ordered the item online via my EON card (night time after my shift: 11PM onwaards) then it was delivered the day after (afternoon). It was actuallya fast transaction. With regard to the packaging, I love it. It came in a huge Zalora box, which I’m still using up to this moment. I actually love items with good packaging, and being that the item came with a great packaging, made me consider coming back to Zalora, if incase.

Apart from that, the website is actually very classy, they showcase all of their newly added brand(s)/items, offers and discounts per week in their front page, and their website is very easy to navigate. Their website is not messy, and quite minimalistic as well. They also carry a wide range of fashion and beauty items, which as I’ve said earlier, gets bigger every week.

Zalora logo

Then I heard from my favorite pinay youtube guru, SaytiocoArtillero that there is a huge sale of WnW lipsticks at, so I decided to check it out. I’ve actually been seeing a lot of their ads recently, especially in some of the YT vids that I watch, but I just keep on ignoring it, but when Say mentioned it, I hurried to the said website, and they are indeed, at that time, having up to 50% sale with their WnW and LA Girls items. But unfortunately, they only have a few shdes left of the lipstick that I was looking for. I was looking for the Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Colors, because I’ve learned that they offer 50% off fo the said items, but they only have like 4 shades left. I ordered the Smokin’ Hot Pink, and along with that purchase, I also ordered the Orly Nail Lacquer (Lift The Veil) since they were offering a 6% discount. I opted to pay cash on delivery rather than use my EON. I decided to pick this option instead of the latter because I wanted to know how the process work.

I ordered these items from Lazada just this August, a week prior to the August 6, 2012 rainfall. So being that it was a cash on delivery payment, I think it was one of the reasons as to why there was a delay in processing, because I received the confirmation a day after my purchase, but it’s okay. I guess. Anyway, since it was raining and it’s flooded everywhere, the delivery was rescheduled multiple times, until it was finally delivered last Wednesday, August 8, 2012.

The only thing that disappointed me with this website, was that they sent me the wrong shade of WnW lipstick. Sadly though, I can no longer return it since I’ve already opened it, and saw it’s color and finally realized that it was also Think Pink, the one that I already have. So now, I have two Think Pink lip sticks. What’s more (stupid of me) is that I actually swatched it in my hand to see the color clearly. I couldn’t really place the entire blame on because I know that I should’ve checked the item first prior to opening it, but come on? It’s an online order, shouldn’t they at least make sure that they ship the correct items? If only we can return cosmetics that we’ve already opened, lol.

Lazada packaging Apart from that, it was pretty much ordinary. The items came in a regular shipping package, nothing special. Unlike in Zalora, where I’ve seen some bloggers upload pictures of their orders that they receive even smallest of their items in a box, which is pretty nifty. As I’ve said, what entices is the packaging. Anyway, the upside in this website, however, is that they carry more products and that they offer a discounts. So if you’re into books, gadgets, an if you’re always in the hunt for discounted items, this online shop is definitely for you.

If you ask me whether or not I’m going to shop again in these two websites, that’s a definite YES. If you’re asking me to choose between the two, that I can’t answer. See, they are both different. Lazada carries some items that I like and they offer discounts, vice versa. So nope, I wont choose. If you’re a fan of online retail/shopping, I suggest you try testing these websites, there might be a few mishaps, but I doubt it will stick.

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  • redrae76

    Zalora is the best! Got my order yesterday in just a few hours! So fast!

  • Paid

    It takes years for them to process your purchase. I like Ebay and Multiply. Mas mabilis and they offer gcash and paypal naman so you dont have to go out.

    • Yeah. I love multiply! They offer inexpensive items.
      Ebay as well. You just have to choose who you’re dealing with, lol

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

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  • I have successfully ordered from both Lazada and Zalora and I’m impressed with their service Love their huge selection of makeup and beauty stuff

  • I haven’t tried to order yet, but I’m planning to buy a digicam on lazada since they are selling gadgets in low price.

    Say is also my favorite local beauty blogger.