Yettezkie’s Picks: Top 10 Photo Apps!

I love taking pictures. Sadly, I don’t have a DSLR yet. I do, of course have my handy digital camera, but sometimes, I like taking photos using my iphone rather than my camera. Well, it depends on the situation really, but if you’re more of an indoor girl like me, then your iphone will do. Besides, the reason why I like taking pictures using my iphone is because I want to immediately upload them to my Instagram account which is also synced to my Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr account.

Also, apart from being such a camwhore, I also love enhancing, customizing, decorating and manipulating photos. And trust me, I’ve downloaded tons of applications that allows me to do either some or all of that, but only 10 of all of those applications made it to my list, and half of them are FREE!

So here are the applications that made it to the top 10..

 I. Decopic 

Decopic Decopic is a fun, cute and kawaii photo editing application created for ladies who love ALL THINGS KAWAII! The really cute thing that I LOVE about Decopic is that this application is very VERY girly, and PINK! And since I love all things kawaii, this photo app is definitely the ‘it’ photo app for me. Decopic features a lot of really cute frames, stamps, messages, and colorful pens that you can use to write on your photo. It also has some filters, but they’re kinda limited so in terms of that category, Decopic isn’t something that I’d recommend.

Another con of Decopic is that whenever you made a mistake like, if you’d like to change the frame you previously selected, it’s either you have to press the ‘UNDO’ button repeatedly, or you have reset your photo which will delete all of your customizations which is pretty much the same thing. This is the part that irritates most of its users, but apart from this downer, the app is really great.

The Decopic App is currently FREE in AppStore/Itunes.

For a more detailed info regarding this app, click here


HDR FX is an iphone application that offers a variety of filters that can turn your lifeless, boring pictures to a more colorful, scenic remembrance of what was your life like when you took those photos. Though there are a lot of applications that offer these kinds features, still, I find this a bit more unique than the others. This is because aside from the default filters (which is a lot), you can also manually set your photo’s “layers”.

From what I’ve observed, the app is really easy to use, and aside from the HDR effects, you can also do your usual editing there, like cropping and adding frames, etc.

When I downloaded the app it was FREE, but the app now costs $1.99. If you’re asking me if it’s worth your money, IT IS.

For more detailed info regarding this app, click here.


 III. Lens+ 

Lens+ Lens+ is another filter app that can turn your ordinary pics to a more ‘dramatic’ one. It’s a fun, easy to use application that has a real-time multi-preview of what your photo would be like if you choose a certain filter. Although it doesn’t allow you to import photos from your photo gallery, it’s still fun to use because you can be just as spontaneous just like you’re using you’re using your iphone cam. Apart from that, you can do the same thing should you wish to record a video.

I got the Lens+ photo app for FREE, but apparently, it now costs $0.99 in AppStore. Guess I’m just lucky, lol If you’re asking me if it’s worth the money, well, I think CamStar and PowerCam also has some of Lens+’ features but these apps are FREE, so there’s your answer.

For more detailed info regarding this app, click here

 IV. PowerCam 

PowerCam has some similarities with Lens+ because it allows you to choose real time effects to your photos and/or videos. However, PowerCam offers you to experiment with your photos a little bit further rather than making you choose with a couple of filters. The thing that I love most with PowerCam is it’s feature called ‘Color Splash’, it basically allows you to focus on only one particular color on your cam live. That’s what got me, aside from the X-Sketch and the Tilt-Shift which is common, especially if you have Instagram

PowerCam is currently FREE on AppStore.

For more detailed info regarding this app, click here


 V. Leme Camera 

Leme Camera Leme Camera basically emulates the features of a toy camera and combines it with photo sharing. If you love the effects of lomo in photography, like I do, then this is the app for you. The only downside of this app is that, there’s no real-time preview of what the app’s filters can deliver. The thing that I love, LOVE, love about this app is that even on random mode, the photos come off so cool. So, who needs real time preview? Lol.

The Leme Camera is currently FREE on AppStore.

For more detailed info regarding this app, click here.

 VI. Pixlr-O-Matic 

Pixlr-O-Matic works exactly like the Pixlr-O-Matic website. This application enables you to instantly edit your photos by adding various filters to them. You can either start by importing your photo from your photo gallery or take a picture from your camera. There are three major parts in editing your photo, one is adding your filter, then afterwards, you can add some effects, then you can manually choose the frame that can go along with your photo.

If you’re familiar with how the website works, then you’ll know why I love this photo app.

The Pixlr-O-Matic Photo App is currently FREE on AppStore.

For more detailed info regarding this app, click here.


 VII. Photoshop Express 

Photoshop Express Photoshop Express is a free photo app that enables you to edit your photos on your iDevice. Who doesn’t want Adobe Photoshop Express on their mobile phone? I mean, I love tweaking stuff on Photoshop via my PC/laptop, but having that in my iphone is really a bonus! There are probably a lot of applications out there that offer the same features, but what’s best about this app is that Photoshop express is FREE

Apart from the usual tools (crop, straighten, rotate, reduce noise, flip, etc), PS Express also allows you to add filters, effects and borders.

For more detailed info regarding this app, click here.

 VIII. Halftone 

Halftone converts your ordinary pictures to images that resembles into a comic strip. This application gives your pictures that old, vintage, halftone comic vibe that you get whenever you read your favorite comic strip on your morning newspaper and/or comic book.

For me, who loves creating comic strips out of a mere boring, yet candid picture, this app is perfect for me. Complete with the quote balloons, captions, cliparts, and other exciting effects, you’re really going to LOVE this app.

I got this application for free, but currently, this application costs $0.99 on AppStore.

For more detailed info regarding this app, click here


 X. FrameArtist+ 

FrameArtist + FrameArtist+ is a combination of framing applications such as Pic Stitch, Frametastic and InFrame Cut. However, FrameArtist allows you to create cute and artsy photos by combining 2 or more of your photos without a specific format. You get to be the designer, you get to decide where to place your photos, what would it look like, and how big your finished product will be.

What I love about this app is that it gives me a lot of free hand in terms of designing and combining my photos. It also offers a lot of templates for you to choose from, so if in case you lack the inspiration, you can always rely on their templates.

I got this application for free, but currently, this app costs $1.99 on AppStore.

For more details regarding this app, click here

Okay, so there’s my list. If you’re wondering why I got the paid apps for free, it’s because I always check the Top 25 free apps. I get to download the photo apps that are free for a limited time only. I did not ‘jailbreak’ my phone so all the apps here in my iphone are downloaded free. I don’t ‘buy’ apps at Appstore, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, sorry for the long post (yet again), I’ll update more next week..

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  • photo1969

    An app I enjoy is bits which takes your photos and allows you to add frames, filters, drawings and even text.  When you are done you can share them via social media or email/text message.

  • Rosalie B.Tangonan

    Nice! I am a camwhore too and currently 7 related applications downloaded in my Ipad. Great to find this old post o you I would try to find some of these soon… Thanks!

  • hehe photo addict? Fan ka pala ni Ella.

    How about software editor? (Malamang Adobe Photoshop)

    • She’s my niece. Haha

      • Oo nga eh kakabas ko lang about her tour and you’ve mentioned that. Haha I felt bad tuloy sorry

        • Haha. There’s no need. Kaw naman >.<

  • hanna espiritu

    wow thanks for sharing this ms,yette buti nlng nagbasa ako dito im looking for cute photo apps talga i will download now